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My Intro.

I've been intrigued with the possibilities of evolving or ascending to a higher level of being as long as I can remember. Spirituality, I identify as Suitheist (seeking godhood within the self, rather than outside) and Dark New Age (a Left-Hand interpretation of New Age concepts and paradigms.)

I am plural by choice, which means that I chose to construct my consciousness not just as a single identity, but as a collection of thoughtforms. I've always been making up "imaginary playmates", but in my early teens the pattern began which evolved into my current system. The first major divergence in my consciousness was between the parts identified, more or less, with Order and Chaos. These developed into the personalities now known as Marlana and Anomia, respectively. We've added other thoughtforms over time, each specializing in a particular quality, concept, skill, or set of interests.

Marlana and Mely will probably be the most active here. We usually don't bother to sign our posts individually unless we are in a forum specifically devoted to plurality or related issues (such as freedomofbeing. )Mely and Anomia are most interested in the development of the individual as an autonomous, free agent, while Marlana and Susan specialize more in the study of collective consciousness as it emerges in biological & social systems. However, we are quite fluid and work together complementarily.

More information about plurality can be found on the multiplicity community, for those who are unfamiliar with this type of consciousness.

We regard plurality as one of the possible paths of evolvement that consciousness can take. Some Transhumanists, in fact, think of mind in terms of many modules which can be selected, recombined, and reorganized. Thoughtforms, or memes, are the "software" of metaphysical reality. We're curious whether anyone else here has thoughtforms or something similar. (Some traditions refer to "using" thoughtforms, but since my thoughtforms are a living part of my identity, I don't care for that terminology. )
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