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Howdy, and pleased to meet you all.

I don't know how well received I'll be in this community. When I was younger I was very much into religion and philosophy, and I delved deeply into all of it. I rounded it off with the occult as I finally decided that I, myself, am an atheist.

I'm an empathic aura reader, and I do not see these things as "supernatural." I choose to perceive all things from an objective viewpoint. In other words, if I don't know, I don't know, and I don't feel the need to make anything up for it, although I find the masses' collective imaginations fascinating. I believe that most psychic anomalies are just really advanced psychological faculties that we do not yet understand. Anything I do not understand, is innocent until proven guilty. In other words: I refuse to accuse any force of being supernatural, ever. On the same token, I don't accuse any forces of being natural, as definable by modern science until I can prove it as such. I'm fond of many, many sects of occultism, but just like any other high protocol belief system, there are people I can't stand from all of them.

Cyborgization is not a commonly used (or even accepted as slang) word but I opted to use it anyway, because I feel it is more specific than other references, and needed in a lot of situations. I'm glad that I was born when I was, because I get to watch some of the begining stages of it "just getting good." The majority (at least in the country that I live in) seem to have attempted to reject cyborgization at every turn, from refusing to research genuinely attainable new forms of male contraception because they wouldn't market well to the poor sales of personal handheld computers up until very recently (Thank you, mp3s), as they reject all new things. Fortunately, however, they don't have a name for it yet, other than "Technology," for which they have built the name of a god - one of the few things I can be proud of in my society.

I think the most important thing we need to watch out for is cyborg culture. We have a chance to keep it pure, and unviolated. There are hackers and geeks of all types including myself working hard on that. I'm big into privacy on my computer, because my computer is an extension of my brain. And although I'm a huge advocate of individual property rights of the PHYSICAL, I am opposed to where intellectual property rights have been going lately, especially when they infringe upon my physical property rights. For example: we finally create technology that allows us to duplicate data with resources that are next to nothing, and then we're not allowed to do it anymore. Read also: imposing capitalism on a metaphysical level where it is not required, or even helpful. And believe me, once they start sticking their pigsnouts into metaphysics, they're not going to stop anywhere, and nothing will be off limits to them. We have to start drawing the lines now.

I do not believe that we should allow physical rule of law to restrict our technology. Our technology should be free. In the soaring eagle sense, not samples at Sam's Club. If we can do it, we should be able to do it. And if you can't make money simply because no one wants to buy your actual physical products from you, maybe you shouldn't have been making money in the first place. Our technology should not have to adapt to us with no compromises from us. It is an extension of ourselves and our world and a reflection of our superevolutionary growth.

I look forward to some interesting topics in this community, and I'm very glad to have found it. I love the idea of this community, the ideas it promotes, and I fully expect to meet some absolutely fascinating people with whom I may or may not always agree with. I'm open to debate, though I freely admit it's not one of my better skills. Just keep in mind that how you choose to present an argument will be judged much more critically than the actual argument you're presenting.

Greetings from Texas,
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